Establishing the Macedonian Central Register Institution

The Macedonian Central Register Institution, established by a diverse international team, represented a key transition point for Macedonia, modernizing its financial operations with the assistance of the Norwegian company, Norway Registers Development.

The implementation of the Macedonian Central Register Institution, a pivotal undertaking for the Republic of Macedonia, marked a significant milestone in its transition from the communist era to a modernized framework for institutional and financial operations. This project involved the establishment of a central office along with 32 local offices across the country. With a diverse project team consisting of 35 professionals from 7 different nations, the project was successfully completed within the allocated budget and designated timeline. The Macedonian Government formalized contracts with “Norway Registers Development,” a Norwegian company, and the Macedonian “Central Payment Institution,” acting on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in Macedonia. The collaboration between these entities ensured the effective realization of the project, reinforcing financial infrastructure and supporting the country’s overall development objectives. Dyrkoren managed the project implementation.