Niger Governance Threshold Country Program

VCS conducted a pre-study on Niger's governance practices for the US-based Millennium IP3 Partners, aiming to improve corruption control and streamline business and land access procedures, funded by USAid.

VCS was engaged by Millenium IP3 Partners, a US-based company, to conduct a pre-study as part of the Niger Governance Threshold Country Program. The objective of the pre-study was to assess the existing framework in Niger with the aim of “Improving the Control of Corruption and Streamlining Business Creation and Land Access Procedures.” The project received funding from USAid.

The pre-study involved a comprehensive examination of governance practices in Niger, focusing on areas such as corruption control and the simplification of procedures related to business creation and land access. VCS, through its expertise and in collaboration with Millenium IP3 Partners, worked towards identifying key challenges and proposing strategic solutions to enhance governance practices in these areas.