Suriname Business Registering and Licensing

Under the "Suriname Competitiveness Enhancement Program", VCS, in collaboration with the US company Economic Transformation Group, Inc., designed a business registering and licensing regime aimed at enhancing the business environment and linking the registry with state institutions.

VCS was engaged by the US company “Economic Transformation Group, Inc.” to provide assistance in designing the Business Registering and Licensing regime in Suriname. This initiative was part of the “Suriname Competitiveness Enhancement Program” funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The primary objective of the project was to develop a comprehensive and efficient system for business registering and licensing in Suriname. VCS, in collaboration with the Economic Transformation Group, Inc., worked towards designing a framework that would streamline and simplify the process of establishing and operating businesses in Suriname. The project aimed to enhance the overall business environment by creating a transparent and user-friendly system that facilitated the registration and licensing procedures. By implementing best practices and leveraging advanced technologies, the design phase focused on optimizing the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of the business registration and licensing processes, linking the registry with state institutions (Tax Office; Statistical Office).