Reengineering the Land Register System in the Dominican Republic

Assisting Norway Register Development AS, Dyrkoren contributed to the modernization of land jurisdiction processes in the Dominican Republic. This project focused on reengineering the existing land register system, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Under the contract for “modernization of the Land Jurisdiction in the Dominican Republic”, Dyrkoren was engaged by the Norwegian company Norway Register Development AS to provide assistance to the project’s PM. The primary objective of this undertaking was to implement a robust system for register management and automation, thereby modernizing and streamlining the land jurisdiction processes in the country. This project served as a sub-project within the larger framework of the Management Consulting Group.

With a focus on reengineering the existing land register system, the project aimed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of land-related records and transactions. By leveraging technological advancements and best practices in register management, the envisioned system would significantly contribute to the overall modernization of the land jurisdiction in the Dominican Republic. The programme represented a significant step forward in the transformation of land administration processes, facilitating more effective and transparent land management practices within the country.