Registers of Pledge on Movable Properties and Legal Entities in Serbia

Despite the project's premature termination due to an international embargo on Serbia, IBM USA and VCS had begun designing registers for recording movable properties and legal entities, aiming to enhance the country's financial infrastructure.

IBM USA contracted VCS to provide assistance in the design of a financial infrastructure program in Serbia. However, due to the international embargo on aid to Serbia as a result of the Slobodan Milošević affair, all USA related personnel were abruptly withdrawn from work in Serbia. Consequently, the project was halted prematurely.

The intended objective of the project was to design comprehensive registers for the recording of pledges on movable properties and legal entities. These registers would have played a crucial role in enhancing the financial infrastructure of Serbia, promoting transparency and efficiency in transactions involving movable assets and legal entities. Although the project could not be completed as planned, the initial design work and collaboration between IBM and VCS laid a groundwork for later implementation.