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Health and e-HEALTH projects in Norway, Poland, Latvia and England

VCS as been engaged in health / e-health projects, designing and implementing e-Health solutions for hospitals and regional and national authorities in Norway, Poland and Latvia, recently also being engaged in Pandemic Control actions based on AI software.

Status on Health in Poland

For health status in Poland, see "State of Health in Poland" (OECD Report 2019) HERE.

See also: Poland’s healthcare system is going through a revolution

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EEA Grants / Norwegian Funds for Poland

For project funding opportunities, see EEA Grants.

There is a call out in Poland right now: PL-HEALTH: Call for proposals to implement pilot projects to test telemedicine models developed within the pre-defined project on telemedicine and e-health.

Application deadline is 13 February, 2022

Budget available: 10.782.353 euros

29th of November 2021 the Minister of Health, acting as Operator of the Health programme, announced a call for proposals to finance the implementation of pilot projects to test telemedicine models developed within the pre-defined project on telemedicine and e-health policy.

The subject of the call is to select project promoters to field test telemedicine models developed in the pre-defined project in the following fields: cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, diabetology and chronic diseases.

The Programme Operator finances 100% of total eligible costs of pilot project. Total available amount for the call is EUR 10,782,353, while the total maximum eligible costs for the project is EUR 675,000 and the minimum is EUR 200,000.

Eligible applicants under the call for proposals are supra-regional hospitals and research institutes engaged in research and development activities in the field of medical science being a part of healthcare system. Additionally, projects must be implemented as partnership projects with medical institutions which provide health care within PHC pursuant to agreements concluded with the National Health Fund. Bilateral cooperation with partners from Norway is also possible.

More information about the call is available on:;

See also:  and

For more details, see also here.

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Value Creation Services (VCS) create value for Clients. If your institution and / or company needs a Norwegian Competent Partner to implement e-Health projects under the EEA financial mechanism, let us now and we may discuss options. VCS would love to assist to the extent we may add value to the project.


Please contact our Polish representative:

Adam Koprowski; email:; mobile: +48 694 413 749

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First decision announced on Telemedicine project in Poland funded by the EEA Grant mechanism / Norwegian Funds


May 22, 2020, the Polish Programme Operator for the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants 2014-2021) issued Decision No. 1/2020 on granting the financing for the Project: "Tackling social inequalities in health with the use of e- health and telemedicine solutions".

The beneficiary of the project is the Department of e-Health of the Ministry of Health, while on the Norwegian side the implementation of tasks was entrusted to Norwegian Centre for e-health Research in Tromsø.


The total budget of the project is PLN 24,999,740.00, of which PLN 21,249,777.00 will be covered by Norway Grants (85%), and the remaining PLN 3,749,961.00 (15%) will have the form of co-financing provided by Programme Operator. The implementation of the project started on January 20, 2020 and will continue till April 30, 2024.

The overall goal of the project is to reduce social inequities in health. This goal will be achieved by equalizing access to medical services due to the fact that there are social groups in Poland which, taking into account the socio-economic situation, require urgent support in this area. Activities will be targeted at the least prosperous social groups, and - to a limited extent - to other groups and will be based on telemedicine solutions.

The project assumes development of telemedicine models by Polish and Norwegian experts in the areas of cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, diabetology, palliative care and chronic diseases. The developed solutions will be tested as part of pilot in selected facilities throughout the country, which will be selected in the open call procedure. In addition, a nationwide campaign will be carried out and a website will be created.