Telemedicine in Szczecin, Poland

Psychiatric support in the form of video consultations, doctor's teleconsultations for people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses.

MSWiA Hospital in Szczecin and VCS partnered 2023 to fund and implement a pilot project, testing a telemedicine model in psychiatry developed by the Polish Ministry of Health. VCS was later contracted to design a way forward, proposing how an operational model for telepsychiatry in Poland may be constructed.

Project Operator: Ministry of Health, Poland

Project Promoter: MSWiA Szczecin


Provincial Specialist Team in Rzeszów

ARNICA Olszewski i Wspólnik Spółka Jawna

Family Clinic in Staszów Sp. z o. o.

e-Poland+ Association

Value Creation Services AS (VCS) – Foreign Partner (Norway)

Project implementation period: May 2023 – January 2024

Budget: PLN 2,903,600.00, including PLN 2,468,059.98 from the Norwegian Funds, and PLN 435,540.02 from the state budget.